Monday, 31 May 2010

Why is space exploration important?

Nowadays a lot of people ask why should we keep on spending such a big quantity of money on space exploration. It may seem a nosense to look at other worlds while ours is seriously damaged. However, the real fact is that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

It is easy to demonstrate it, we should just take into account that there are lots of devices we couldn't live without. Here we have a small list in which we can see some essential objects for our life:
2.Cell phones
3.Digital wristwatches
4.GPS finders
5.Infrared cameras
6.Laser surgery
7.Materials used in running shoes
8.Pace maker batteries
9.Personal computers
10.Radiation-blocking sunglasses
11.Satellite TV
12.Water-purification systems
Given this useful list, I think we ought to ask ourselves a simple question. Do these things compensate a space exploration?
It is not a matter of curiosity, or of awareness of our role in the space (which might be a good argument), but of comfortability of our society.

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