Monday, 10 May 2010


Space is not as far away as you probably expected. If you take a look at the picture on the left you´ll find that astronauts don't usually go further than 500km. For example the international space station orbits around th Earth at 350km (which is nearer than Madrid to Bilbao).

Many people wonder why governments spend so much money on this. It is not because of a strange expansionst aim, but of the existance of positive reasons. For instance, space is a very good place to develop medecins as there is no gravity. Besides, space exploration allows us to accomplish many developments in technology such as GPS.

The space race began in early 40´s and it has been very tense. For decades it has been a source of conflict between the USA and the USSR. Due to their antagonism they wanted to gain more prestige than each other and so they began to discover what the space is like. Thanks to this dispute, mankind reached the moon.

This desire of knowing more about space has lead us to our current plans, which consist in returning to the Moon and sending a manned expedition to Mars. In this blog we will take a look to all these topics.

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